Hair Loss -- Using Natural Methods to Fight Hair Loss

posted on 17 Aug 2012 08:19 by nikefreetr2two

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Hair loss can be caused by one or two or a combination of several factors. You probably don't care about that when you notice that your hair is getting thinner though. Your focus would likely be on arresting the hair loss and finding ways to grow back the hair you've lost. Want to hear some good news? Hair loss is preventable! You can do a number of things to prevent hair loss. You'll find some that aren't so effective and others that are extremely effective. If you truly want to come out the victor in your battle with hair loss, you'll want to turn to natural methods. Below are a few methods you may want to try.
Take good care of your hair. If you are always piling on the styling products and using extra high heat settings on your hair dryers, stop it. Hair styling products you need to stop using include hair flatteners and volumizers, mousse, gel, and hair spray. A small amount of these things shouldn't be detrimental. It's when you're using them all the time that they can damage your hair. They tend to weigh down the hair, speeding up the hair loss. It's best if you give your hair a chance to be natural if your goal is to prevent hair loss naturally. Daily hair washing will help. Use conditioner if necessary. Don't use a towel to pat your hair dry; simply allow your hair to air dry. It's going to help your scalp a lot.

Maintain healthy hair with vitamin C. Vitamin C is beneficial in many ways. Your immune system can be made stronger by vitamin C, and a strong immune system means better chances of fighting diseases. Keeping your hair healthy and thick also requires a solid intake of Vitamin C. Fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of vitamin C. Also, you can try taking vitamin C supplements. Some naturalists insist that you need as much as three thousand milligrams of Vitamin C a day. The truth is, though, that your body only needs a few hundred milligrams of Vitamin C a day to stay healthy. Your body is going to flush out any excess vitamin C. So loading up on vitamin C won't have any more benefit. You just want to make sure that you're getting sufficient amounts of vitamin C daily.

Try massaging your scalp on a regular basis. The easiest way to make sure that you get in enough scalp massage time is to massage your scalp when you apply your shampoo. In little circles, gently massage your scalp. When you do this, you're ensuring that your whole hair strands get shampooed. It also increases blood flow in your scalp, which is incredibly helpful when you want to both prevent hair loss and invigorate the growth of new hair. What's more, it is free and you can do it any time you like! This is simply one of the best natural hair loss methods you can try using.

There are many things that can trigger hair loss. This is good and bad. It's bad because tracking down what is causing the hair loss can be difficult. What's great is that you've got a number of hair loss prevention options available to you, as well as ways you can regrow lost hair.

Try applying the natural remedies and techniques we mentioned in this article and also make sure to work with your doctor in finding a solution to your hair loss problem.